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If you’re a U.S. user, and logged on to your Gemini login account in the past few days, our app and web interfaces may have looked slightly different than usual. What you’ve stumbled upon is our new Homepage!

At Gemini, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your crypto experience, and our updated Homepage is a big step in that direction. The Gemini account Homepage provides you with a snapshot of your account and includes watchlists, a new top movers section, and educational content. Note: if you’re not seeing the new Homepage, you’ll have to update your Gemini App to the latest version.

Here’s a brief overview:

We are pleased to display more information directly from your Gemini Homepage, and we will continue to iterate on how to best support you on your crypto journey through the Homepage. We look forward to further developing new and innovative ways to create an engaging Gemini experience as we advance our mission to build the future of finance.

What is the difference between my login pin and my password?

Your login pin is associated with accessing your Gemini app, while your password is used to log in to both the Gemini app and the Gemini website.

You can also opt to use TouchID and FaceID to sign back into your account on the Gemini app if your phone has these features.

How do I sign up for Gemini?

We recommend signing up for a personal account if you’re looking to add a personal bank account. Register for an individual account here.

We recommend signing up for an institutional account if you’re looking to add a business bank account and/or a trust account to your Gemini account. Start the registration process for an institutional account here.

There are differences in account transactions limits which you can read about in this Help Center article: What are the transfer limits?

Way to fix the Gemini can’t sign in problems

If you are experiencing login issues with your Gemini login account then you need to follow the tips that are given below:


To sum up, Gemini exchange is a popular crypto exchange platform for many cryptocurrency traders. If you are loms are great. However, you can find several unique trading options with Gemini and that thing makes it different from other exchange platforms. The complete Gemini account setup and login process are mentioned in this post by us. You can easily purchase Bitcoin from Gemini by logging in to your account.

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